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Whether it is an important new product for your company, requiring the full range of IP rights including patents, registered designs and a new brand, or else an early stage idea and you are not sure what kind of protection should be sought, we’d like to hear from you.

Generally, it is far better to discuss the IP possibilities in confidence with us at an early stage – and for a valid patent to be obtained the idea must remain confidential before the application is filed. A registered design application must also be filed before the design is disclosed – though there is some leeway in certain territories.

We can help you make sense of the various types of protection available; if necessary conducting searches to obtain a clearer understanding of what has been done before. We are equipped to draft, file and prosecute your application for a patent, a design or a trade mark.

Our rates are competitive and our charging structure is simple and transparent.

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Hear from our own Chris Aldridge, and our client, The Janger about their experiences.