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If no intellectual property rights exist to give protection to a new product or service, it can be copied and the advantage from the investment of time and money in development will be lost. Intellectual property rights are valuable assets that can earn enhanced revenue and profits for businesses as well as being assets on the balance sheet.

The understanding and appreciation of intellectual property has in too many businesses not been taken seriously enough. It should be an item for regular consideration at board level.

Modern successful businesses

  • understand concepts of intellectual property
  • know the intellectual property of the business
  • analyse the market and intellectual property in relation to the market
  • link spending on intellectual property development and acquisition to measures of added value
  • secure legal rights necessary to sustain the market advantage derived from the intellectual property.
How we can help
The team of experienced professionals at Mohun IP can guide you through the processes of:

  • auditing innovation assets with a view to determining strengths and vulnerabilities, deciding which IP should be developed and which should be abandoned, according to budget
  • developing a strategy that ensures the business is on a sound footing vis-a-vis its own ambitions, as well as those of its competitors
  • monitoring your portfolio through our state of the art management systems that allow clients access to their information 24/7.

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Business owners, chief executives, investors, entrepreneurs all need to be familiar with these processes.

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