Opinions from experienced IP professionals.

If you believe your IP rights have been infringed – or are about to be infringed – we can help clarify your position and assess your options, including the strength of your case. It may be inadvisable to delay, as this could count against you in a Court of Law, for example when seeking certain types of injunction against the infringer. We operate within an extensive network of professionals across the globe, from investigators to litigators, who can help put pressure on your competitors in such circumstances.

And if the boot is on the other foot, and you find yourself on the receiving end of threats, we can bring our considerable expertise to bear, performing investigations as to the validity of the rights you are alleged to infringe, providing opinions on the strength of the case and if necessary negotiating a settlement.

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Hear from our own Chris Aldridge, and our client, The Janger about their experiences.