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Intellectual property is an “umbrella term” covering various manifestations of human creative thought. You may not be familiar with the expression, but you will certainly have heard of some examples of intellectual property rights, including patents, copyright, trademarks and registered designs.

Most countries have laws that protect intellectual property, and allow the rightful owner to prevent others from exploiting it.

The legal provisions for obtaining and enforcing intellectual property rights are often complex. Fortunately, professionals such as patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys are experts in this area, having studied the law extensively and been subjected to rigorous professional examinations.

  • Patents

    Protect new, technical ideas, must be applied for in a patent application and can last up to 20 years.
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  • Trade Marks

    Signs that are capable of distinguishing goods/services of one enterprise from those of another and can include words, logos even smells or sounds and combinations of these. Last indefinitely subject to renewal every 10 years.
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  • Designs

    Registered designs are concerned with the appearance of an article, its shape or surface ornamentation and must be applied for. Can last up to 25 years. Unregistered design right subsists automatically in originally designed articles, no need to apply and lasts 15 years from creation or 10 years from first marketing.
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  • Copyright

    Protects works of literature, music, drama or art against unlicensed reproduction. Subsists automatically in original works and protects the expression of an idea and not the idea itself. Lasts up to 70 years from the death of the author.
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  • Expertise

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Hear from our own Chris Aldridge, and our client, The Janger about their experiences.



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Protect Your Idea/Brand

Put your ideas in the hands of experts. Whether it is an important new product for your company, requiring the full range of IP rights …

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Manage Your Rights

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Client Testimonials

  • “I have experience of having my patent challenged by big PLCs and so far every time we have come out on top due to Chris’s knowledge of IP law and making sure I am covered in every direction, including design registrations, trademarks as well as patents.” Guy Taylor, CEO, The Janger Ltd.

    Guy Taylor, CEO, The Janger Ltd.
  • “I take great pleasure in recommending Steve Mohun and his team to anyone who wants clear, professional and affordable advice on IP matters. He is very good at explaining the complexities of his field in simple, understandable language and is not afraid to give his honest opinion on the strength of your case. We look forward to many more years of co-operation.” Peter Viner, Design 4 Plastics Ltd.

    Peter Viner, Design 4 Plastics Ltd.
  • “Mohun Intellectual Property are trusted advisors of Drax Power Ltd, and have helped us secure valuable IP. As well as the clarity and commercial relevance of Steve’s advice, we appreciate the responsiveness of the friendly support team at Mohun.” Siobhan Hagerty, Deputy Head of Legal, Drax Power Ltd.

    Siobhan Hagerty, Deputy Head of Legal, Drax Power Ltd.
  • “IP, and patents in particular, are the cornerstone of Harrison Spinks success, having successfully licensed and sold IP all round the world, and using our inventions to create significant revenue from component sales. Our choice of patent attorney has been crucial to the success of our business. Stephen Mohun has become an expert not just in the world of IP, but now in our field of technology. He has taken the time to really understand what we are doing and this is enormously helpful when developing new IP.” Simon Spinks, Managing Director, Harrison Spinks.

    Simon Spinks, Managing Director, Harrison Spinks.
  • “It has been pleasure to work with Chris Aldridge of Mohun IP Ltd over the last six years. His communication is second to none and he has the ability to make the very complex legal nature of patenting seem relatively simple. He took the time to really understand our products from the beginning and has been invaluable in guiding us through the journey to secure the patents we required. Chris has also understood that we are a business and not just products and patents, and has offered advice and contacts that he felt could be useful. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris and Mohun IP Ltd.” Wes Marshall Product Director, Epiphany Innovations.

    Wes Marshall Product Director, Epiphany Innovations.